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La Pelle will release their product launch in December 2022 - March 2023. These cosmeceutical skin care products will focus on assisting acne vulgaris and barrier dysfunction skin disorders. Our products will be pregnancy and mother safe, and this is to ensure every woman pre, during, and post-motherhood can provide self-care and achieve results safely. Our products are to be results-driven highest quality while being affordable for all.

La Pelle will release three main products targeting lip and nipple barrier protection. For the face and body, a leave-on exfoliant and a hydration infusion protect against environmental stresses. Our serum will act as a pigment inhibitor to protect against the further development of many skin conditions. 

Our cosmeceutical products are science-driven, ensuring accurate results. 


1. Educating women on skin health
2. Ensuring women support women
3. Making cosmeceutical skin care accessible and affordable

Our founders, Mikaela and Sarah, will continue to work alongside other allied health professionals 
in the industry to continue more recognition around women's health and self-care. 
We intend to collaborate with professionals on an online platform to 
educate all women on their skin and overall health.

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