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The OMNILUX mask represents a breakthrough in at-home skincare devices, harnessing the power of LED phototherapy to promote skin rejuvenation and wellness. With its lightweight and ergonomic design, the OMNILUX mask offers users the flexibility to incorporate light therapy into your daily skincare routine conveniently. The mask emits specific wavelengths of light, including red and infrared light for anot just nti-aging benefits, but by stimulating cellular activity and promoting healing the device can support chronic conditions such as atopic dermatitis (eczema), psoriasis, inflammation, acne and more. Clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of LED phototherapy in improving skin texture, reducing inflammation, and enhancing overall skin health.


  • By combining in-clinic treatments with the regular use of the OMNILUX mask, patients can benefit from a synergistic approach to skincare maintenance and rejuvenation. In-clinic treatments address immediate concerns and provide a foundation for long-term skincare goals, while the OMNILUX mask offers ongoing support and enhancement between clinic visits. This combined approach maximizes treatment outcomes by promoting cellular renewal, extending the longevity of in-clinic results, and supporting overall skin health.

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