Gia Quinta Skin

Dermal Therapist and owner: Mikaela Giaquinta

Reception: Sophie Gemelli and Nancy Giaquinta

Graphic Designer, Photographer & Social Media Director: Monique Kleidon

La Pelle Co owner and Midwifery/ Nurse student: Sarah Lovalvo

Mikaela Giaquinta

Dermal Therapist

Melbourne, Australia

4th year Dermal Clinician student

Diploma of beauty therapy

Owner of La Pelle skin care and Gia Quinta Skin Clinic




Mikaela is a Dermal Therapist in her 4th and final year Bachelor of Dermal Science with global leading Victoria University. She began at 'The Masters' Institute' where she completed her Diploma of Beauty therapy. Through time Mikaela gathered her experience in spas, laser, dermal, and medical aesthetic clinics. Mikaela aspires to educate this generation about skin health.


She aims to assist client's in preventing skin damage and many skin conditions. She 

most commonly helps with congestion and acne-suffering clients. She takes pride in the journey and is passionate about educating how to prevent, remove and heal active acne.


Furthermore, it is her most common treatment to heal post hyperpigmentation and atrophy scaring from previous teen and adult acne sufferers. Mikaela aspires to make skin health and care available for all ages. If we can educate and control, clients will save and have fewer long-term concerns. Mikaela is a strong advocate for educating and believes it is essential in this industry. She aims to teach you so you can independently debunk myths and misconceptions about skin. Her dermal care is less is more approach! Simplicity and consistency in care is often all you need.



Mikaela always feels fulfilled when helping, nurturing, and caring for others. Her happiness comes from making others feel loved. 

Her values and passions led her to open her skin clinic and skincare range. More importantly, it explains why she wanted to further progress in her knowledge and participate in the Public Health Science and Dermal industry. 

Statement from Mikaela:​


"I desire to continue growing within the industry as a clinician and ensure that my clinic and skin care reflect the core principles of what I have learned throughout my studies."


Monique Kleidon

Graphic Designer, photographer, and social media director

Statement from Monique:

"I have been working as a graphic designer and photographer for five years, but I knew from 12 that I wanted to work in the creative industry. It gives me so much joy creating beautiful imagery and designs for Gia Quinta Skin & La Pelle Skin Care."

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Sarah Lovalvo 

Owner of La Pelle skincare

Student Midwife and Nurse

Statement from Sarah:

" My dream was always to be a Mid Wife. I find the journey of becoming a Mum and birth a beautiful and precious moment. La Pelle Skin Care supports mums on their journey and ensures they are cared for pre, during, and post-birth". 

Sophie Gemelli


Statement from Sophie:

"I aspire to support the skin clinic and be part of an energetic and passionate team."

Nancy Giaquinta


Statement from Nancy:

"I have been a medical receptionist for over 40 years. My passion is helping others, and I love being a part of something creating positive change for people and the skin industry".