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i’ve recently found my new love for treating myself.
walking into this i had no idea about anything, i had always just accepted my skin for what it was and nothing could fix it! after 4 sessions with Mikaela the progress photos are truely an eye opener! for the first time ever i feel good. (so do the compliments) such a great relaxing time always with Mikaela! absolute life changer.

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I travel 2 hours to see Mikaela and it’s so worth it. After only 2 sessions, I have seen a big improvement on my skin!

She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. The La Pelle serum she recommended is amazing! My skin absolutely loves it!

I 100% trust her with my skin and I look forward to the upcoming treatments with Mikaela. I highly recommend Gia Quinta 💯💯💯

I highly recommend mik, she did an amazing job at treating my skin concerns. She is extremely knowledgeable and you can tell she loves what she does.

I left the clinic with my skin feeling amazing, I got so many compliments on my skin as well.

If you’re questioning about booking in 100% book in with her.

Even her admin staff are super lovely 😊


'I can already feel a difference. It's not as tight. You're a legend! 


'My skin is amazing, it's a little dry which is exspected post treatment. Other than that its glowing. I'm soooooo happy with it. 

 Amy P

What an amazing resource to have in this area. Mikaela was fantastic in giving me all the information I needed and more. So knowledgeable and eager to get me on a skin journey. Amazing service, knowledge and affordable.
From my first appointment I have felt comfortable and relaxed, it's a welcoming environment. Mikaela has amazing knowledge in her field of skincare, she takes her time in explaining what is happening with your skin and the steps for improvement.
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After years of suffering from eczema with no satisfactory outcome from seeing the dermatologist for 18 months, I decided to look into seeing a dermal clinician. When I saw Mikaela featured in the Herald Sun, I knew it was a sign and immediately booked an appointment. Mikaela was welcoming and friendly, and she spent a substantial amount of time explaining the anatomy of my skin, educating me as to why eczema skin acts the way it does. She also went through her proposed treatment plan, the costing and what we could expect to see. Following that appointment I left feeling hopeful and optimistic. Only one week in and my skin is starting to become more hydrated and plump! I am so excited to see how my skin improves over the next few months and am so thankful I found Mikaela to save my skin.


Mikaela is a very talented dermal clinician who knows what’s she’s talking about. She has been able to help not only treat my skin issues but also educate me on how to help myself. My favourite part about receiving treatment from her clinic however was the service, she made me feel special and that’s all I could ever ask for. Highly recommend for anyone needing help with regards to their skin.

Mikaela is the epitome of professionalism. She is so knowledgeable about any skin troubles you may have! I look forward to more treatments with Mikaela!

Mikayla is absolutely amazing. I came in a few months ago as I was dealing with hormonal acne that I couldn’t get rid of for 2 years. I started noticing a difference after only my first 2 sessions. Mikayla explained everything in so much detail and made me feel so comfortable. I would 100% recommend her to anyone. My mum & I are now both seeing her and have both loved the experience!

I have recently started my treatment with Mikaela, and I can see the difference in my skin. Her provided serum and balm are great and so far I'm pretty excited to see the end results!

This young lady is remarkable. I was doubtful to begin with but a test run proved that she knew what she was doing.
I'm so impressed. I'll recommend her any and I trust her implicitly. She definitely has the healing skills.

Absolutely best derma clinician I have ever been to, I am soo happy with my results so far.
Great service, great products
Love your work Michaela x


Mikaela is so professional and so easy to talk to! She explains every single detail, always makes you comfortable and is incredibly gentle when doing treatments, the results for my skin have been amazing, definitely worth it!

Mikaela's proficiency, expertise, and wealth of experience are truly exceptional. The manner in which she prioritises and makes you feel like the focal point during your skin treatments is extraordinary. She has significantly improved the condition of my skin. My visits to the clinic for maintenance every 4-6 weeks have become the highlight of my day, thanks to Mikaela's dedicated care. I highly recommend scheduling a consultation; it's an investment you won't regret. Mikaela is not only incredibly skilled but also possesses a beautiful and kind-hearted nature, evident in her passion for her work and the exceptional aftercare she provides.

I came to Gia Quinta Skin as she is very knowledgeable in her field, I saw others results and thought I’d change skin clinic as the previous place I was at wasn’t getting much results as we should have been- since I would’ve been there for almost a year. I have suffered from acne for about 8 years now and within my 2nd treatment I started noticing more results and my skin has never maintained this well as it has been since my new journey at Gia Quinta Skin. The best part about getting a treatment here is you are guaranteed to receive education on what your skin truly needs, no beating around the bush and complete honesty/ transparency with treatments. I have recommended a few of my friends and I will keep doing so. Thank you for all you have done for my skin and my confidence.

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