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Will it hurt?

No procedure at Gia Quinta Skin is aimed to inflict pain. Procedures such as skin needling may give slight discomfort, however our therapist can adjust settings and treatments to provide best quality and experience.


Can I cancel / reschedule?

All appointments can be rescheduled and adjusted 48hrs prior to treatment. Post 48hrs notice a cancellation fee or deposit will be automatically deducted.

Is there any downtime?

Therapist will advise on each treatment prior on your down time. Most treatments performed have little to no downtime. We provide you with before and after care and you can always contact us for further advice.


How long does it take?

It depends on which treatment you are having, most take approximatly 30mins - 1hr. Therapist will discuss prior to appointment how much time you will need to dedicate to your treatment prior to appointment.


Am I suitable?

Every client prior to any treatment will have a complimentary skin analysis and consultations where the therapist will create a treatment plan suitable to your needs and desired results.


How often should I be having treatments?

Through your treatment plan the therapist will personalise a plan best suitable for you. Depending on skin's condition is how often you will be required for your treatments.


When can I wear makeup?

All information will be provided in your before and after care document as each treatment may differ slightly. 

What is your booking, cancellation, refund and exchange policy?


At Gia Quinta Skin we require a $50 booking bond that will be redeemed from treatment on the day. If you are wanting treatment on the day, booking fee must be paid to secure appointment.


We do not provide any exchange or refund for change of mind. If cancellation to treatment occurs within 48hrs, beauty services and skin treatment series may be deducted. If client is not on a package plan, $50 booking fee will be deducted. In case of any rare incidents or events, through communication we will provide immediate action and take into consideration to our policy.

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