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Terms and conditions

Please Read below before signing up for our membership program. These are to ensure fairness and safety for all our clients. We want to ensure respect for our clinicians and the protection of the Dermal Clinic.

Visiting Clinic

When visiting the clinic, please arrive 10-15 minutes early on your first visit to have enough time to fill out consent forms and get the best out of your time with our Clinician. If unsure of the address or finding of the clinic, check your pre-booking email from us or contact the clinic for assistance.

When arriving, please ring the doorbell, and our Clinician or admin team will welcome you into the waiting area.

Please bring belongings, medical referrals, medications, and skin care you are currently using.

Please inform the clinic if you need to bring a child; if light-based treatments are booked in, they ,will not be able to enter the treatment room.

Membership Pricing

All prices are listed on our site and are final. They may be subject to change at any time to conform to changes in costs from suppliers. 

Remember that you are visiting an allied health professional registered with the ASDC who has undertaken further stuides in Science for 4+ years. You are paying for her treatment, knowledge, experience, and qualifications. Further, she goes above and beyond for her time, providing you with treatment bookings contact, follow-up texts/emails, pre/post care, etc.

The costs cover more than just your appt but the general costs of running a dermal clinic. Please check pricing before arriving to see if it is within your budget. Our Clinician strives to be an affordable clinic; hence, with her private setup and communication, she is always willing to create a plan you are comfortable with while delivering the best outcomes for your skin's health.


Depending on the chosen membership, a sign-up fee of $100-$250 is due before the Clinician performs any treatment. Please remember that when consenting to a membership, you agree to the amount and must have funds to pay from the account per weekly/ monthly amount in the agreement. If you reschedule an appointment for the month, memberships that provide 1 FREE per month facial / laser treatment will automatically be redeemed and unable to use in the future months. 

If you do not have funds, a fee may incurr be added per month it is overdue. This will be a $50 incurred fee. Terms will be reconsidered if communication with our Clinician is made before the due date to further assist you in making payment.

We send via email / text an invoice that you may make payment via:

Invoice options: Pay Pal, Manual Card entry, or Afterpay


Bank transfer

Square Eftpos

Cancellation/ Refund or exchange Policy

Membership fees are non-refundable. Members may cancel their membership anytime, but no refunds will be provided. There are no refunds or exchanges for changes of mind. All payments made are FINAL! 

When cancelling membership, please keep in mind that from that moment onwards, all member benefits will no longer be redeemable.


Please understand that Gia Quinta Skin does not give cash or any other refunds for change of mind. ALL membership purchases are final.

If you cancel or reschedule an appt within 48 hours of your initial visit, the membership session will be redeemed. 

If this occurs within a 48-hour window on a treatment plan, 100% of treatment service will be redeemed unless a $50 late fee is provided.

Medical clearence 

Please inform our Clinician of any health conditions to ensure duty of care and safety. 

Furthermore, we encourage a minimum of 12 months of skin cancer check clearance.

Please be aware our clinician may, in consult discuss / referr you to a GP (health professional) to receive medical clearance prior to performing specific treatments i.e. skin tag, seborrheic keratosis lesions and other pigmentary lesions

Membership Renewl 

Members can renew their membership at the end of the membership period. Renewal fees may apply.

Membership Appt Scheduling 

Appointment Scheduling: Members are encouraged to schedule appointments to ensure availability. Members may be given priority booking, but it is subject to availability.

Membership Benefits

Please read as per Bronze, silver, gold or platnium benefits under memberships page.

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